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December 30, 2022

Add an Instagram feed to your Webflow websites with FeedSpring.

Want to build an Instagram feed in Webflow, without design limitations? Meet FeedSpring, the worlds leading Instagram feed solution. 100% free to get started.

Have you ever wanted to add an Instagram feed to your Webflow site and found that you have limited solutions that actually deliver a service you and your customers expect?

Have you found that you were forced into using a widget with limited design control and maybe it didn't match your brand or look as great as it could?

Edit and design your feed freely in Webflow, then publish your updates.

That's why we built FeedSpring, to provide a service that lets you connect your data and feeds, to display them effectively on your websites. That means you can connect your Instagram account and choose either our Attribute solution or Widget solution (coming soon).

For Webflow, our attribute solution lets you design and build any type of feed, and you can simply add HTML attributes to connect it with your live data.

That means you can make an Instagram grid, slider, a header section, something with webGL, you can go crazy. You control the design, we help push that data to you. AND FeedSpring is built on world class infrastructure to make sure we deliver not only lightning fast speeds, but a secure and guaranteed service.

You can build an Instagram feed for 100% free, and see if FeedSpring works for you, no credit card required.