Find resources for troubleshooting errors you may encounter.


Once you have completed the build of your feed, you can test it's functionaltiy by viewing it on your published website. Below are some helpful resources that may assist you should you need to troubleshoot any errors.

If you are building for Webflow, please review this demo project to see how attributes are added to various webflow structure. This can be helpful for you to compare your build with our demo build.

Review Help Documentation

Our Help Centre contains detailed overviews on how to use FeedSpring, including helpful visual and video prompts. If you're having trouble, please review this documentation and consider watching our introduction video.

Please consider asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Have I reviewed the short introduction video
  2. Have I added the feed script correctly to the <head> section of my page?
  3. Have I added the correct attribute for my Feed Wrapper?
  4. Have I added the correct attribute for my Feed Post?
  5. Have I used the correct attributes for the feed elements?
  6. Am I viewing the published version of my site?
  7. Are there any console errors in my browser?

Console Errors

We offer some helpful console errors that can assist in identifying issues. These are a little more technical, please right-click on your page and click 'Inspect'. Navigate to the console tab at the top. Here we will display any errors we have found with your set-up.

Premade Layouts & Components (Webflow)

Premade layouts help you get started faster. When you copy a component from the pre-made layout page, it is added to your clipboard and can be pasted inside of Webflow. Once you click the 'Copy Component' button, simply tab to your Webflow project and paste the component to your canvas.

These components already include attributes and your unique ID so they will work for you right away. You can adjust this component to suit your needs, or swap your feed type to attributes to build a 100% custom layout.

Contact Support

If you need further assistance, please contact our friendly team - we'd love to help you!

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