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April 14, 2023

Add a Google Review Feed to your Framer Website

Learn how to get started building a beautiful Google Review feed for your Framer websites. Add to your page in seconds and customize directly inside of Framer.

Using FeedSpring with Framer for Google Reviews

Adding Google Reviews to your Framer website couldn’t be easier using FeedSpring. Copy the URL below to add your own Google Review component to your Framer project, or remix our demo project to see how it works.

Just paste this URL inside your Framer canvas

You can use FeedSpring to build your feed in to your next project to look and feel any way you like.  You can customize your feed directly inside Framer using FeedSpring’s pre-made components. To add any of these pre-made components, you simply copy and paste them directly in to your Framer canvas. These components are designed to be ready straight out of the box.

The next step is to simply add your unique FeedSpring ID in Framer. FeedSpring then works to dynamically link your Google Account to your feed to render your live content. FeedSpring is an enterprise-quality solution that you can trust for every feed load. Now you can sit back and admire your beautiful, new Google Review feed in Framer and enjoy the benefits that come with adding social feeds to your website.

Benefits of Adding a Google Review Feed

There are wide ranging benefits for including feeds in your website. Your social feeds add interest to your website and helps to keep your content fresh. Using FeedSpring, your feeds automatically update and integrate seamlessly to your website.

Adding feeds such as Google Reviews helps to create trust for your brand. As users visit your website, they can see others’ experience of your product or service. You can also use FeedSpring to filter your reviews so that you can showcase your hard work and great feedback from your customers.

Research suggests that user social proof, such as positive Google Reviews, influence purchasing decisions with 66% of consumers trusting online reviews.

Conversely, excessive negative customer reviews can result in a loss of up to 70% of potential customers. That's why FeedSpring offers extra features like keyword filtering, high rating only filters and more.

Interested in FeedSpring?

Check out our more details here on how to add your own Google Review feed. We’d love you to try it out for free today and get creating your own custom feed for Framer in seconds with FeedSpring!