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Learn more about FeedSpring and how to get started!

What is FeedSpring?

Say hello to FeedSpring - our new tool that allows you to build completely custom feeds into your Webflow sites in seconds. FeedSpring connects your favourite feeds to display your live data on your website. Using our simple system, you can customize the design of your feed and FeedSpring will connect the latest content from your feeds, helping you increase conversions and improve your SEO.

How does FeedSpring work?

To understand how FeedSpring works, you need to understand one simple concept - FeedSpring connects the structural <HTML> elements of your site with the live data from your favourite services. We do this through the use of attributes. FeedSpring offers two methods to create your feeds. We offer an attribute solution which is perfect for platforms like Webflow, or custom HTML/CSS builds. This method allows you to simply add attributes to your page structure and render real data over it.

We know that using attributes might not suit everyone and that maybe you want a quick feed that works and gets the job done without issues. We will soon be releasing our widget builder which will help you build beautiful feeds that can be added to your site with a simple script. Stay tuned!

Why FeedSpring over Others?

So why FeedSpring over other products out there? FeedSpring gives you complete control of the design process using our simple system.

We created FeedSpring because we saw a gap in what is on offer out there. Whilst we love the convenience of a widget solution, we didn’t love the design limitations that sometimes go with it. We understand that continuing a brand presence through all aspects of a website is really important. So we wanted to offer a fully customizable HTML method so that our users can create their own design that fits with their brand, in whichever way is best for them.

We wanted to deliver a product that was convenient and accessible. FeedSpring is user friendly, super quick to use and suitable for beginners right up to Webflow experts. FeedSpring is totally free to get started and our premium options are more affordable than similar products out there.

Getting Started

Using FeedSpring is super easy and 100% free to get started! Watch our introduction video below and create your free account to get started. You can upgrade your account at any time using your FeedSpring dashboard.

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