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Build the perfect Instagram feed for all your Webflow projects.

Build a completely custom and personalised Instagram Feed into your website.
Keep your marketing efforts in sync with the fastest, most customisable solution for your Instagram Feeds.

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Why should you use a FeedSpring Instagram Feed?

Instantly add beautiful content

Adding an Instagram feed to a page is an instant way to add beautiful content. Focus your efforts on developing your Instagram page and your website will reap the benefits.

100% design control

With FeedSpring you have control over all aspects of your feed with our powerful attribute system. Build the feed that works for you and your customers today.

90% faster than alternatives

FeedSpring is built to support enterprise business using world class technology to provide you leading performance on every load.

Sync your marketing efforts

FeedSpring regularly updates your feeds to keep your content fresh. Leverage the marketing efforts you put in on your social platforms on your websites.

Encourage engagement

Displaying your social platforms adds interest to your page as well as encouraging your website users to visit and engage with your social platforms. Win win!

Improve page SEO

Creating quality content on your website by incorporating your social feeds and encouraging interaction from users increases your SEO performance.


Build a feed that looks exactly how you want. Just add <attributes> to your Webflow elements.

Use FeedSpring to easily connect all your Instagram accounts and
start displaying their content on your websites. Build a fast, powerful feed
without the limitations.


Here's a demo feed we built directly in Webflow. Copy this component in app.

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Your first feeds on us.

FeedSpring is 100% free to get started, with no catches. To celebrate our launch, we're offering discounts on all plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Missed one of your questions? Reach out to our friendly team, we're here to help!

What is FeedSpring?

FeedSpring allows you to build a social feed exactly the way you want. You connect your favourite feeds, such as Instagram, Google Reviews, Dribbble, TikTok etc and use FeedSpring to display this content perfectly for your own websites. You can finally say good-bye to the basic embed solutions, FeedSpring lets you control all aspects of the design process and uses beginner friendly methods to connect them to your site. Better yet - it's totally free to get started!

Is there a free trial?

Absolutely, you can start building a feed today for free. If the product works for you, you can upgrade to one of our simple and afforable plan types to continue using FeedSpring.

Why use FeedSpring over the other options?

You should use FeedSpring over other competing products because it is:
a) Free from design limitations experienced by embed / widget solutions
b) Keeps your content updated automatically and in-sync with marketing efforts.
c) More affordable than similiar products & solutions
d) 90% faster than alternatives, built to support enterprise customers.
e) Built with a focus on Webflow users and the community

Is FeedSpring only for Webflow?

FeedSpring is built specifically for Webflow, but can be used on any other platform that supports HTML attributes. Once our early access & testing phases are complete, we will be providing more detailed support for other popular development platforms along with FeedSprings own widget solutions.

What is the pricing currency?

United States Dollars (USD)

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